An Ode to Britney Spears

In just a few weeks, so few you can count the time by days if you wanted, I will journey to Las Vegas. 

Whilst there I shall indulge in little-to-no gambling, but a great deal of restaurant-frequenting. Truly, however, the reason I'll make my way to Nevada is for Britney. Britney Spears. (Just in case there was any confusion.)

My path and Britney's first crossed in 1999 and you can learn all about it with my very detailed explanation of how and why I got paid to go to more than one Britney Spears concerts.

Oscars, Red Carpet Phobias & More

Guys, it's Oscar Day 2016 and, to wrap up our series on what it's like to cover pop culture/celebrity/red carpet fashion as a career choice, we have none other than my former partner in crime - Christopher Turner (@Turnstylin). Christopher and I go way back. We used to pen a Style Winners & Losers column together and even appeared on a TV show.  And NOW well ... we still spend a lot of time talking about celebrities and their clothes.

Anna Kendrick, Sunstroke & Soderbergh - OH MY

Norman Wilner is the senior film writer for NOW Magazine and the host of that new podcast you like, Someone Else's Movie. He lives in Toronto. More importantly, he used to work with PrincessoftheInternet in my old life in Toronto. And once he went to England for work and brought me back Licorice All Sorts WHICH I LOVE even though he was allergic to them (I think? Am I misremembering that?) but then I never got the chance to eat them because I moved back to the Maritimes before we could connect. This week he talks to us about Celebrity Culture & Awards Season!

Dresses! Drama! George Clooney! Oh My!

PrincessoftheInternet is super pleased to welcome Jen McDonnell as our second guest star in our  celebrity pop culture Q&A series. (You can read part one with Kevin Naulls here.)

We go way, way back with Jen and together we share a special fondness for Gilmore Girls, George Clooney and general celeb gossipness.

Here's her awards season view of the world:

Awards Season Celebrity Pop Culture Mayhem - Pt 1

I've been covering awards and celebrity culture for years, since 1999 in fact. In that time I've been lucky enough to cross paths with fellow pop culture watchers who make me laugh and can add insight to the ridiculous. So a few of them are getting special treatment on PrincessoftheInternet this season.

First up? Kevin Naulls. Kevin and I meet up (virtually) during awards show to dish the dirt on celebrity fashion. Plus, he basically has the funniest Facebook posts in the world, so he seemed like the perfect first guest.  (Sometimes he uses swears, so if you've got delicate sensibilities ... um ... oh well?)

Meanwhile, in Pop Culture, We Freaked Out

So first we were all like: "Wow! This Drake song is hilarious - no wait - it's so good. OMG this video is hilarious. No wait. HE IS A GENIUS. Okay, I'll work in a minute, but first I'm going to read every analysis about this video. Hold the phone, shut the front door, there's a Napoleon DYNAMITE mash-up?! Oh and now the New York Times is in on it? I can't stand this. I love it so much, I might explode."

Celebrities are Just People

When I can't sleep, I have long, hilarious and meaningful conversations with celebrities. It's true. The best part? These conversations have seen me through some of my most awkward of phases. Learn how YOU TOO can meet celebrities, gain confidence and regain a little youthful spring in your step.

Ben Affleck's Content Marketing Strategy

What if Ben wanted to win Jen back? Would he / could he use content marketing as his guide? Maybe. Just in case ... I've started to outline a high-level content strategy plan for him. I'm sure he'll be very pleased ... unless he's not that into salvaging things. 

Things to Think About on Thursday

Taylor Swift, Kanye West, LQTM, my dog, the meaning of life, advertising trends AND MORE are all featured in the first edition of Things to Think About On Thursday - a new Princess of the Internet Feature. I'm sure you're very excited about it. You should probably start reading it now. Right now. Get going. It'll only take you a second.

Taye Diggs is Following Me on Twitter

This morning I checked my phone/and my heart went a-flitter/it was true/Taye Diggs was following me on Twitter.

And so began a day full of celebrity close encounters. First, Taye Diggs STARTED FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER and then my dad made pizzas using Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook. So, you know, it was a pretty big day.

Mandy Moore is Nice (And You Can Be Too)

The late 1990s and early 2000s were hard on the male hair if you belonged to a boyband. It was during this era my retinas were scalded by the frosted, spiky tips of many warblers. This time period was also challenging for their skin. A deep-rooted orange-y glow accompanied from stage to stage. 

The Best Oscar Beauty Prep Guide You'll Ever Read

After months of anticipation the Academy Awards are finally here. Like many, I have a carefully curated beauty and relaxation ritual I follow the day of the big show. While some might shield their age-defying secrets from the public, desiring to keep the info all to themselves, I'm happy to share my knowledge with the world. You're welcome. 

10 Reasons Why Kanye is the Best

Right now, dozens of music nerds, people who really liked Beck in the 1990s, irate folks who like regular-flavoured chips and people who watched a video clip for 30 seconds, really don’t. “Dear Internet,” they’re writing. “I am SHOCKED and APPALLED by Kanye’s rude behavior at the Grammys. Also he doesn’t play an instrument! He’s not even a musician!” 

Of Girls in White (and red and pink and multicoloured) Dresses

The night of the 2015 Golden Globe Awards I was on deck to do a fashion rundown for Just before I started, I retweeted a bunch of tweets with the #askhermore hashtag. The purpose of the hashtag was to encourage those covering the red carpet to ask the female TV and movie stars more relevant and interesting questions than “who are you wearing?”. So, I retweeted a bunch of the better ones because yes, I am curious to hear interesting tidbits from stars with actual brains.