Disputed News, I’m Sorry Tweets and the Future of Social

Recently, Facebook pushed the “disputed news” tag into its universe. Although the feature isn’t available to all users yet, Fortune.com reports “Facebook says that stories flagged as fake by users will be reviewed by independent fact-checking organizations including Politifact and Snopes.com.”

I’m interested to see how this will roll out, how much people try to abuse it, whether or not Politifact and Snopes will be able to keep up with demand, if it actually helps the general public wade through truth and fiction and so on and so forth.

What I’m also interested in … is WHAT IS TWITTER DOING?!

Holding Out for a Heroine

Sur-reality beats down our door and, for obvious reasons I don’t have to explain, many of us are biting our nails, gnashing our teeth, wondering what the future brings.

What we need is a heroine. Not a hero, they’ve had their turn and yet HERE WE ARE IN THIS MESS. Maybe she’ll come to us in a pantsuit, maybe she’ll wear jeans, the outfit is unimportant.

The more surreal this whole sur-reality becomes, the more we talk about pee pee tapes, the more the unthinkable becomes the norm, the more I like to think about who’s right for the job. And so I turned my mind to pop culture, because that seemed to make sense.

An Ode to the Myth Makers

You know, for every single individual who actually makes it to Rome to see the coliseum ruins, how many more thousands have been transported THROUGH THEIR MINDS to the days of Julius Caesar, to the Ides of March, to the double-crossing scheming of et tu, Brute? Thanks to our good friend Bill Shakespeare? My mathematical answer is "lots more, thousands more".

What I Blog About When I Blog About Running

I am not interested in team sports. Anything with a net, racquet, ball or puck is the enemy. I did a SOLO in SYNCHRONIZED swimming.  When I discovered, to my horror, I'd become a mid-twenties chubster due to shift work at a 24-hour cable news channel and a penchant for consuming my misery in late-night carbs, joining some sort of organized orgy of fitness was off the table. And so I ran.

Make Your Own Mythical Creature

I used to think: "any day now, someone important will recognize my special brand of hilarious brilliance and set me up in a nice writer's room on a hilarious and edgy TV show where I can pick from a plethora of takeout options every day for lunch."

Last time I was in New York, I thought "Probably if I just hang out at Bubby's long enough and  make enough witty asides, Tina Fey will come in, overhear my one-woman act and make a Netflix show just for me."

All in the Family

The family that content markets together ... stays together ... or at least that's how it seems. This time on Princess of the Internet I outline how I apply some of the core pillars of content strategy to help my family members tell stories that matter to them and to others. 

Things to Think About on Thursday

Taylor Swift, Kanye West, LQTM, my dog, the meaning of life, advertising trends AND MORE are all featured in the first edition of Things to Think About On Thursday - a new Princess of the Internet Feature. I'm sure you're very excited about it. You should probably start reading it now. Right now. Get going. It'll only take you a second.