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A writer, a middle child, a lover of pets, a content strategist, a food fan, a wine supporter, a Netflix binge-watcher, an aspiring YA author, an agency lead, a journalism grad, a hater of chocolate mousse and beets, a Turkish food cheerleader, a believer in a lobster roll being served exclusively on a hot dog bun, a travel addict, a person who likes to daydream that Tina Fey will overhear me telling jokes in a restaurant and put me in touch with Lorne Michaels who will hire me as a writer for SNL.

My work has appeared on CBC's Definitely Not the Opera, in the Chronicle Herald, the Huffington Post and MSN Canada. I've covered the Toronto International Film Festival, interviewed pop stars, worked in a television newsroom covering breaking news online, written columns on digital trends and dished on fashion fails on TV. 

I'm a resident of Halifax, a former Torontonian and spent my childhood on the shores of New Brunswick. 

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