Of Girls in White (and red and pink and multicoloured) Dresses

The night of the 2015 Golden Globe Awards I was on deck to do a fashion rundown for TheLoop.ca. Just before I started, I retweeted a bunch of tweets with the #askhermore hashtag. The purpose of the hashtag was to encourage those covering the red carpet to ask the female TV and movie stars more relevant and interesting questions than “who are you wearing?”. So, I retweeted a bunch of the better ones because yes, I am curious to hear interesting tidbits from stars with actual brains.

Fashion is serious business.

Fashion is serious business.

Then, I promptly started making a list of who wore what by whom. It was a magical evening. Am I a hypocrite? About some things, I’m sure, but I think this time I get a free pass. Here’s why: I’m more of an “and” person and less of an “either, or” aficionado.

I mean, am I genuinely interested in what Amal Clooney thinks about some of the major international events we’re right in the middle of? Absolutely, she’s an intelligent and accomplished woman who probably has well-researched opinions on various matters. Guess what? I also want to know where she got those elbow-length gloves … and why George picked her over me. (Why George, whhhhhhhhhhhhhhy!?!)

Do I want someone to ask Tina Fey about her inspiration for the Netflix show she’s penning? Absolutely, but I also want to know WHY SHE WORE THAT SUPER WEIRD DRESS!

I suppose my thesis here, if there is one, is that maybe all we need is a bit more balance. Being genuinely interested in fashion does not make me an idiot and it doesn’t mean that’s all I’m interested in hearing about. The solution to getting the right balance on the Golden Globes red carpet next time is probably just to invite me and let me have first dibs at talking to everyone. Problem. Solved.

In the future, I might suggest a hashtag along the lines of #askherabunchofstuffaboutabunchofthings.

Next up: the very real conversation I have in my head with Matthew McConaughey.