In Which We Just Discuss Riverdale

Today the only think I'd like to talk about or pretend exists in the pop culture landscape is RIVERDALE.

Riverdale is The CW/Netflix show that puts Archie, Betty and Veronica in a new, melodramatic television universe.

Have you seen this show? Here's why it's delightful:

1. Pretty people full of angst.


3. Archie's abs (they make no nevermind to me but the youths seem to like them).

Right now, instead of scrolling through my Twitter feed and falling into a pit of despair I'm just going "la la la Riverdale is entertaining OH LOOK JUGHEAD BLOGS OR SOMETHING."

And thus concludes this Wednesday's blog. 

OH WAIT here are two other ways to distract yourself for a moment, so you can take a breather before going back to taking action.

1. This Buzzfeed diatribe on Taylor Swift