Missives from Mexico

It's hot. My belly is full of 89 cent tacos and Sol.

The first time someone suggested I journey to Mexico I had visions of spring breakers dancing in my head. Beer koozies and sushi restaurants with half of Hamilton Ontario aren't my scene. (If that sounds snobbish, it's not meant to be. And I love the Hammer, so chill.)




But this isn't a travel blog, I have friends who claim that game. This is a blog about staying open minded, about thinking differently.  

Thinking differently is hard; it's a constant struggle. Letting your brain rest in its familiar grooves is easy, it feels good. It feels like you're doing squats with a weight that's way too late for you - you feel good about exercising but you're cheating your muscles. They already know how to do that. 

Here's how I exercise my thinking differently muscles, even when they're tired : 

eat new food  

listen to podcasts  

watch foreign films with subtitles, not voiceovers  

read good, long-form journalism  

embrace modern pop music - start with The Weeknd's new record, admit you like it. Feel ok about liking mode pop. Pop is good for you.


learn new words

walk your dog