How to Pack Carry On Like a Girl (aka the right way)

Soon, I will make good my escape.

Farewell to winter. To salt that ruins my boots. To parkas that give me unnecessary and unwanted bulk. To chapped skin and a sore soul.

For 10 days I will be in the sun. And on NONE OF THOSE DAYS will I reach into a giant suitcase that I CHECKED. Shudder.

If you don't want to check your luggage, here's my carry-on packing cheat sheet:  

  • One-to-two bathing suits. These are small. They take up no room. Roll 'em and pack 'em.
  • If you pass through a Duty Free area on your way down, pick up your necessary liquids / suncreen there. If not, pack small, security-approved amounts in re-usable packaging you can purchase at outlets such as Shopper's Drug Mart. (JUST LIKE IN MY PICTURE).
  • One pair of flip-flops/sandals  and one pair of running sneakers to run off all the food and drinks I (and you) will consume. At MOST pack one extra pair of metallic slip-ons. Metallic shoes look semi-fancy. I'm into them.
  • One maxi dress. Roll it up, etc.
  • One knee-length sundress that doubles as a swimsuit cover-up
  • One pair of shorts (neutral in colour or denim)
  • One-to-two T-shirts (for wearing with the shorts).
  • One gauzy blouse (also for wearing with the shorts, but fancy-style).
  • One hat.
  • One pair of sunglasses.
  • Underwear.
  • One pair of running shorts and a running tank.
  • Sometimes I pack a light denim jacket. But I accidentally gave mine away during my last clothing purge and I'm sad.
  • Toiletries. 
  • I used to pack a necklace, but now I don't bother.
  • An e-reader on which to read ALL THE BOOKS.

I like packing my things in a soft-sided carry-on (I have a Roots bag and I LOVE IT) because it's easier to SHOVE into the overhead bins.

The end.

And thus concludes my self-mandated once-a-week blog post.