The Random Thoughts in My Mind

'Twas a chilly day in January, January 1st 2017 in fact, when I made a promise to myself: "once a week it shall be done and done it shall be,".

And so, each week, I blog. Sometimes people read these missives (Ivanka being a notable example), sometimes people do not (most other blogs belong to the latter category).

Regardless (notice how I did not say "irregardless" as that is not a word?) I shall forge ahead - read or unread.

This week, the ideas are many but the focus is slim. Prepare for a mental jet of nothingness and nonsense. And so begins a stream of things from my brain:

1. Today, the skies looked like Moon Mist ice cream and delayed flights.

2. I wonder what you'd do if you had more money than God (if there was a God and she or he, neither or both, used some sort of currency to procure goods and services) and you didn't really like "stuff".

3.  Jack, Jack didn’t give a crap / his tweets they were so mean/And so between them both you see / they stripped the country clean

4. Today I learned some people do not cut their sandwiches diagonally, but rather slice them down the middle. This is APPALLING. Cut them diagonally or just don't eat sandwiches.

5. More people should get dogs.

6. I can be slightly plump and friendly or skinny and vicious - but never both.

7. Hips are a thing that hurt at a certain age and this saddens me.

8. Your closet will never hold the answer to your hopes and dreams when it is ten minutes before you are supposed to be at a place.

9. Bangs are sometimes a good idea. Sometimes they are not.

10. More people should get dogs.