Does This Photo Make My Brain Look Fat?

February 28th, 2016. That's the last time I put any effort at all into this site. If you care ... apologies. If not, you never missed me anyway and you're probably not reading this and if a tree falls and so on and so forth.

But as 2017 is almost upon us, I find myself sucking the last of the dark chocolate off the last chocolate covered almond and making myself all kinds of promises.

I promise to stop eating chocolate covered almonds.

I promise to try one thing I have no natural aptitude for.

I promise to take my dog for longer walks.

I promise to think less about clothes; those I have, those I want and those that once were.

And I promise to write weekly. You'll find these thoughts here, most likely on Wednesdays, because Wednesdays are ridiculous, so let's add to the fray.