Venn Diagrams of Hell

What is made of circles, but constructed by a square? A VENN DIAGRAM. Guys, did you know that if you want to seem super smart, all you have to do is make a circle, make another circle and put some sort of something in the middle and call it an insight?

That’s right, now YOU TOO can be a genius full of wise words. Here’s how:

1.       Sign up to speak at a conference.

2.       Make a PowerPoint deck that includes a Venn Diagram.

3.       Point at the thing in the centre of your Venn Diagram.

4.       Accept accolades.

I mean, sometimes these things have their place. If you’re going to use one and then clearly explain it and make it part of a meaningful and insightful discussion, congratulations! You are awesome.

But, you know the only real Venn Diagram that’s ever meant anything to me? This classic from How I Met Your Mother, which my dear colleague and friend Brigid (more about her in an upcoming post on video skills) reminded me of recently:

See? Genius. After facing an onslaught of nonsensical corporate-y Venn Diagrams as of late, I decided to take a page from How I Met Your Mother (great show, terrible series finale) and craft a few more meaningful ones myself. Here you go:

In summary – use Venn Diagrams if you must, but know a Venn alone does not a case make and know that you’ll probably have to work REALLY HARD to make one as awesome as Cecilia’s.

Next up: making steak with Michael Fassbender and the very real conversation I have in my head with Matthew McConaughey.