Holding Out for a Heroine

Sur-reality beats down our door and, for obvious reasons I don’t have to explain, many of us are biting our nails, gnashing our teeth, wondering what the future brings.

What we need is a heroine. Not a hero, they’ve had their turn and yet HERE WE ARE IN THIS MESS. Maybe she’ll come to us in a pantsuit, maybe she’ll wear jeans, the outfit is unimportant.

The more surreal this whole sur-reality becomes, the more we talk about pee pee tapes, the more the unthinkable becomes the norm, the more I like to think about who’s right for the job. And so I turned my mind to pop culture, because that seemed to make sense.

Trend Alert: Spacing Out

While murder and detective shows still clutter my Netflix recommendations, I think sci-fi and the whole “space, the final frontier” thing is about to do a binge-watch takeover.

My hunch  - which is also half stolen from a coworker (more on him later) is we’ll see content we binge moving more into “what the WHAA???!” territory and a bit away from “he’s an evil serial killer and she’s a depressed single mom who’s gotta solve the case AND her relationship woes” universe.