Things I Think About Doing But Don’t

The closest thing I could find that related to Lifeguards: Zinc or Swim

The closest thing I could find that related to Lifeguards: Zinc or Swim

1.     Getting a tattoo on my index finger that’s just “TH” and then a tattoo on my middle finger that’s just “W” so I can use my fingers to MAKE MY POINT THAT I KNOW MY LAST NAME IS SPELLED WITH A “TH” BUT IS STILL PRONOUNCED WITH A “W”.

2.     Doing a juice cleanse (again) but this time not cheating on it.

3.     Investing actual time and dedication to The Wire because apparently it is the greatest show on earth.

4.     Carefully going through the notes on my iPhone I jotted down in the middle of the night throughout the course of the year to determine whether or not there were any valuable thoughts shared therein.

5.     Finishing Lifeguards: Zinc or Swim – a YA novel about the lives and loves of teen lifeguards with my friend and co-author Ruth. (You KNOW you want to read it.) Look! Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 1. You KNOW you want to read it! (sorry, already said that.)

Chapter One: Supermodels vs Old Lady Shorts

Molly adjusted the waistband of her red shorts. They kept riding up, like old-lady shorts, but it was time to get to work. 

Molly sighed and left the safety of the staff washroom.

With all those kids filling the pool and all the other guards watching her behind their mirrored glasses, she sort of wished she was just scooping frozen yogurt with her friend Erica at the Cherry Freeze downtown.

Adding sprinkles to low-fat vanilla seemed way easier than maybe having to administer CPR or getting her shorts to look right.