Working It. My Life in Paycheques.

You want a hot body? (well a relatively non-flabby one) You want a Bugatti? (had to Google that, it's a car)
You want a Maserati? (no, I hate driving) You better work b**ch (agreed)
You want a Lamborghini? (no, I repeat, I hate driving) Sippin' martinis? (vodka sodas, but ok)
Look hot in a bikini? (I'd accept not terrible in a bikini) You better work b**ch
You wanna live fancy? (always) Live in a big mansion? (I'm okay with my pretty townhouse, but I get your point)
Party in France? (haven't done that but I have sipped wine in Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay, the Caribbean, Austin, New York City, Washington DC, Miami, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal and so on)
You better work b**ch, you better work b**ch
You better work b**ch, you better work b**ch
Now get to work b**ch!

---The every-brilliant Ms Spears

Disputed News, I’m Sorry Tweets and the Future of Social

Recently, Facebook pushed the “disputed news” tag into its universe. Although the feature isn’t available to all users yet, reports “Facebook says that stories flagged as fake by users will be reviewed by independent fact-checking organizations including Politifact and”

I’m interested to see how this will roll out, how much people try to abuse it, whether or not Politifact and Snopes will be able to keep up with demand, if it actually helps the general public wade through truth and fiction and so on and so forth.

What I’m also interested in … is WHAT IS TWITTER DOING?!

Listen Up, The Power of Podcasts

When I was young, in pre-reading years, I spent hours sitting in a big, plush rocker, following along with the colourful pages that came slipped into my record albums, as I listened to stories-on-record.

Yes, this was a time before books-on-tape and eons ahead of audiobooks.

I like to listen. (I like to interrupt too and talk and make my own noise. I’m not some sort of peaceful receiver of all the noise in the world or a bottomless listening pit.)

What You Want Doesn’t Matter

Everyone’s the star of their own show.

Trust me, every ‘trying to make myself stop thinking about work problems and fall back to sleep at 3am’ daydream scenario involves me – THE STAR – telling hilarious jokes to George Clooney and Brad Pitt as we dine on sushi. At no point does either one of the ACTUAL STARS take over the conversation.

Similarly, although yes, I do care about my colleagues, my professional development meetings and reviews are about ME, ME, ME. I want to talk about the training I hope and dream for, what I need to do better. ME, ME, ME, ME.

To The People Who Are Super Mean On Twitter

Are you sad? Were you bruised emotionally by something outside of anyone's control? And so you release the pain with short spews of hate?

Are you a frustrated, wannabe ruler who dreams of making laws and decisions? And so you decide to sit and pass judgement on everyone and everything else because nobody would elect you, not even ever?

Ben Affleck's Content Marketing Strategy

What if Ben wanted to win Jen back? Would he / could he use content marketing as his guide? Maybe. Just in case ... I've started to outline a high-level content strategy plan for him. I'm sure he'll be very pleased ... unless he's not that into salvaging things. 

Workopolis Content Marketing Q&A

I am bored of myself. Know who’s more interesting than I am? Peter Harris. So this week, we’re all about Peter, Editor-in-Chief at Workopolis. Peter is the best kind of colleague – creative, smart, deadline-driven, flexible and funny. We grilled him about his content strategy / content marketing know-how to find out how he makes it all come together. 

All in the Family

The family that content markets together ... stays together ... or at least that's how it seems. This time on Princess of the Internet I outline how I apply some of the core pillars of content strategy to help my family members tell stories that matter to them and to others. 

Existentialism, Content Strategy and River Phoenix

In Grade 8, my art teacher told the class existentialists believed there was "more to life than work". An over-simplification? Yes, but it hit my 13-year-old soul harder than The Bridge to Terabithia and the knowledge River Phoenix would never love me. 

"But there is, right, I mean there is more to life than that?" my brain hummed. The very IDEA  the future of my existence could be contained into one, grey 9-5 blob chilled me. The idea of sameness seemed equal to The Nothing we all fear - to steal liberally from another hallmark of my childhood - The Neverending Story. 

Writing is Hard

I’m working on a post about life, the future, what it all means – you know, light stuff like that. It’s taking me a while and right now what’s done can best be summed up like so: yuck, not readable, needs edits.

But I made a promise to you, oh blog, oh home of my words, that I’d feed and water you like the peanut plant my sister so lovingly nurtured in her youth, only to have our cat eat it whilst we were at church one sunny Sunday. (I hope my cat doesn’t eat you, blog.)

Since I kinda sorta have writer’s block, I thought I’d turn today’s post into some tips about how to spark creative inspiration. Ready? Here we go

A Life in Digital Media and Marketing

Life can be busy. Don't freak out. You TOO can lead a life full of rewarding professional work AND have time for the gym and whatever else you like to do. Here's my advice for becoming fast, speedy and super chill too. 

Why You Should Invite Me to the Oscars, Academy

People want someone to #AskHerMore on the red carpet. That's cool with me. I would like to respectfully suggest the Academy invite me to this year's main event. Here are some of the potential questions I have prepared. As you can see, my questions are designed to provide thoughtful and interesting responses. My fee will be utterly reasonable and my clothing and beauty allowance will not be astronomical.

Venn Diagrams of Hell

What is made of circles, but constructed by a square? A VENN DIAGRAM. Guys, did you know that if you want to seem super smart, all you have to do is make a circle, make another circle and put some sort of something in the middle and call it an insight?

Of Girls in White (and red and pink and multicoloured) Dresses

The night of the 2015 Golden Globe Awards I was on deck to do a fashion rundown for Just before I started, I retweeted a bunch of tweets with the #askhermore hashtag. The purpose of the hashtag was to encourage those covering the red carpet to ask the female TV and movie stars more relevant and interesting questions than “who are you wearing?”. So, I retweeted a bunch of the better ones because yes, I am curious to hear interesting tidbits from stars with actual brains.

5 Ways To Not Hate Your Life At Work

“I know I'm lucky to even have had that experience,” he says. “We were still young enough at the time not to fully grasp how good it was.” That’s my friend and former colleague romanticizing a golden period in our professional life. We had so much fun at our online gig creating stories, measuring audience traffic and trying new digital experiments that we’d stay late ON PURPOSE because we had serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).